August 5th, 2011

Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Heechul to enlist in 2012

Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Heechul have revealed that they will be enlisting in the army in 2012.

Leeteuk and Heechul were both born in 1983, and will turn 28-years-old this year. By law, the two are required to enlist by next year, as they will be 29 years old.

A representative of SM Entertainment said, “There isn’t anything decided regarding their enlistment, but because of their age, they will have to enlist sometime next year the latest.”

In effect, Super Junior’s fifth album will essentially be their final album until their discharge.

After hearing of the news, fans commented, “We feel more affection towards the album because it is their final album before their enlistment.”

The men previously revealed that they would be holding a world tour before their enlistment.

Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate
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Super Junior promises to meet more international fans with ‘Mr.Simple’

Super Junior announced their comeback with a fifth album on Thursday to some 200 international press members gathered at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Nonhyeon-dong, southern Seoul.

The new album, containing the track “Mr. Simple,” was released Wednesday in 11 countries. The teaser of the title track exceeded 1 million views on YouTube in just two days since it was unveiled on Tuesday, proving the long anticipation of the fans during the K-pop group’s more than year-long hiatus.

The boy band has been leading the recent K-pop craze worldwide. Other than participating in the first ever “SM Town in Paris” concert in June, the group recently finished its third Asia tour concert “Super 3”in 13 Asian cities. Their last title song, “Miina” topped Taiwan’s KKBOX for 61 consecutive weeks. Mirroring the popularity, press members from many Asian countries including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and China as well as South Korea attended the press conference.

“We realize that we are making a comeback in a much bigger spotlight than before. It is burdensome but also exciting,” said Eunhyuk, a member of the K-pop group.

The new album includes 13 songs of various genres like dance, pop ballad and R&B created by acclaimed composers and song writers such as Yoo Young-jin, Yoon Jong-shin, Kenzie and hitchhiker. The music video of “Mr. Simple” premiered at the press conference.

“The song maximizes Super Junior’s strong points. Some may think that it is similar to ‘Sorry Sorry’ and ‘Miina,” but it has a different charm once you hear it all. The point of the song is its lyrics. Many scary and difficult things happen these days. We hope the song can give you positive energy and help you keep things simple,” said Lee Teuk, leader of the group.

The group said it is planning to hold more shows in different countries with the new album to get closer with its increasing number of fans.

“We are planning on a world tour this time, not an Asia tour. We’d like to hold a concert in South America where we recently almost went but failed, and also in New York, our final goal, not by the name of SM Town but as Super Junior. If we could, we would also like to hold a show in Pyongyang,” said Lee, adding that he feels as if the group were a member of the national team.

The press conference, which included a Q&A session with international fans that sent in questions through UCC and Facebook, was broadcast live online.

Source: Korea Herald | Park Min-young
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Super Junior’s Comeback Press Conference

On August 4, Super Junior hold their comeback  Press conference at Imperial Palace Hotel in Nonhyun-dong, Seoul.

As Super Junior’s acclaimation is in whole world one could see a big attendance of media. Accodrding to media assay, the press conference had above 190 press outlets from all over Asia, making it one of the biggest press conference.

Press conference start with Leader Leeteuk’s words, he said “K-pop Leader band, Super Junior is back. We have a lot of pressure but we would do as much as we can to promote our new album” He introduces Mr Simple and said This track shows all parts of Super Juniors. There have been talk the it is similar to our previous works i.e. Bonamana and Sorry Sorry but I am sure when you see it, you’ll feel the difference. As there has been many sinister events has been going around so I am sure this song will boost people’s positive energy”

Shindong also told, “All members has shown their best side in the the choreography and you would feel every member’s own style in chreography of Mr Simple”

Super Junior seems to be doing a lot for the promotions of Mr Simple but due to every member’s busy schedule its becoming hard for them, they told in their press conference that they would do their best to promote new album. Super Junior also revealed that they have been in lot of pressure because their previous albums had been great success and has raised people’s expectations towards them. Eunhyuksaid, “There has been a lot of pressure because we are getting so much attention this time, but the members are all confident and unite on our album’s promotions” Sungmin also told,Everyone gave somuch love to our fourth album and we will try to do as much concerts, to make fans happy”

One news in press conference make so many ELFs sad i.e. Leeteuk’s announcement that he and Heechulwould now serve army but they also promised to comeback. Since both of them are 28 and fit to serve their country they would join army for few years. Leeteuk said, “Since I have to join Army, because I believe that serving country is a duty that every Korean man must fulfill, I will comback as soon as possible so fans do wait for me” He added “Because of Military duties we would not be able to Asian tours but instead World tour and we would promote this album as much as possible”

As we know that Super Junior is the leading group of Hallyu wave and is globaly acclaimed. Leeteuk shared his beautiful feelings in these words ” We will try to do our best to promote Korea and as representative of Korea we will promote its culture throughout world. We would like to cover the whole world with pearl sapphire-colored balloons

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Super Junior makes their comeback

Male Idol group Super Junior finally made their comeback.

On the 4th, Super Junior had a press conference regarding their 5th album at Imperial palace Hotel in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul. Super Junior released their 5th album, Mr. Simple, on the 3rd.

At the press conference, there were over 200 reporters from all over the world, including, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and more. It proves every Asian country has an interest in the ‘Korean Wave’ star’s, new album.

Super Junior’s members greeted the reporters. Shindong livened up the mood, saying, “My chin is changing into a V-line.”

Leeteuk said, “Super Junior, a leading K-pop group, made their comeback after 1 year and 2 months. We will do our best.” Shindong said, “I wanted to show off our performance as soon as possible. We are releasing our music video today so I hope you look forward to seeing it.”

Sungmin said, “Our 4th album was loved by many fans. This time, our 5th album, will have even more performances.” Eunhyuk said, “The huge expectations were a big burden, but I think we will do well.”

Leeteuk also talked about their main song, ‘Mr. Simple’. “You might think that the song is similar to ‘Sorry Sorry’ or ‘Bonamana’” he said, “but once you listen to the song, you will know it’s different. I hope people get a lot of energy from our song.”

Shindong said, “We also prepared a variety of performances. Each member has created dance moves too.”

Super Junior will appear on KBS’s Music Bank on the 5th.

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July 29th, 2011

Lee Sooman plans to allow free Kpop downloads

On July 27th, Lee Sooman, the CEO of SM Entertainment, stated that Kpop is increasing in popularity around the world, but it needs a kick to further place it on a higher pedestal.

In order to do this, a new way to distribute music, such as iTunes, is needed for the music market. It would not just include music purchases but also allow music to be downloaded for free. This would allow a new kind of advertising for Kpop groups and their companies.

Lee Sooman expressed this after receiving an award for allowing Hallyu to spread throughout Asia. SM Entertainment was able to spread Kpop’s wings with highly successful groups like TVXQ and SNSD. Those wings were shown off during the craze for SM Town in France.

Lee Sooman further commented that idol groups are not just being promoted through music shows and concerts. Sites like Facebook and Youtube are useful tools in further advertising.

Furthermore, he also stated that free downloading of Kpop music will prevent illegal downloads. By allowing for example, SNSD’s new song to be downloaded for free during the next 2 to 3 months after being released will become beneficial marketing for SM.

Lee Sooman also recommended that Korea build the foundations for an international Hallyu school that would invite foreigners to learn the Korean language and be informed on Korean popular culture.

Source: Hani, koreaboo
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